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The Partnership for Excellence Honors 2013 Award Recipients

COLUMBUS, OH - The Partnership for Excellence today named eleven high-performing organizations as recipients of the 2013 Awards for Excellence, Ohio, Indiana & West Virginia's highest honor for performance excellence through innovation, results and visionary leadership using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.
The 2013 Award recipients - listed by award - are:

· Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis, IN (Platinum, Governor's Award for Excellence)
· Union Hospital, Terre Haute, IN (Platinum, Governor's Award for Excellence)
· Charleston Area Medical Center, Charleston, WV (Gold, Achievement of Excellence)
· Good Samaritan Hospital, Vincennes, IN (Gold, Achievement of Excellence)
· Westfield Washington Schools, Westfield, IN (Silver, Commitment to  Excellence)
· Memorial Hospital, Jasper, IN (Silver, Commitment to  Excellence)
· Edison State Community College, Piqua, OH (Silver, Commitment to  Excellence)
· Ohio Army National Guard, Columbus, OH (Silver, Commitment to  Excellence)
· Cleveland Clinic Parking Services, Cleveland, OH (Silver, Commitment to  Excellence)
· HealthPark Dentistry, Tipp City, OH (Silver, Commitment to Excellence)
· WorkingWell, Michigan City, IN (Bronze, Pledge to Excellence)

For more details about the Award Recipients and the Awards, click here.

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