The Partnership for Excellence depends upon volunteer examiners who dedicate hundreds of hours of time, energy and commitment to our mission of “cultivating performance excellence in Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia." Trained examiners help an organization identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement. The examining team develops a feedback report to the applicant organization, allowing them to continue on their journey towards world-class performance.

Interested in applying to be an examiner?
2015-16 Examiner Application - click here

The 2015 TPE Examiner Badge

Once you have successfully completed your training and site visit in the 2015 Awards process, you can add a TPE Examiner Badge to your email, Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, or wherever it can receive online professional recognition. It can be included on email signatures and résumés, as long as it appears with other credentials and cannot be construed as an advertising mark for consulting services.

We trust that only 2015 Examiners, Advising & Partnering Coaches, and Trainers will use this badge.

Thank you for volunteering as an Examiner with TPE in 2015!
TPE 2015 EXAMINER BADGE to download as shown below:


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